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Wet Weather Policy

IKP aim to ensure that the show must go on as long as it is safe to do so. But, being a British company, we are very aware that rain is a regular occurrence and can make the performance unsafe.
IKP’s policy for wet weather performances:
1. We will only cancel a performance before the time it is due to start if weather during the day has made the venue unusable. Often it can be tipping down in the lead up to a performance and then dry up for the duration of the show. Normally a cancellation would be announced at the official performance start time.
2. We will only cancel/stop a performance if the conditions become genuinely unsafe. If the performance area has begun to flood or if there is a lightning storm we will cancel/stop the performance.
3. We will carry on the performance in light to medium rain. In very heavy rain we will pause the show (and encourage people to find shelter in their cars/under cover) before continuing when the downpour has stopped. If the heavy rain is persistent then the performers may make the call to stop the show entirely.
4. If the show is cancelled before it begins or stopped before the interval, IKP will try to arrange an alternative date at the same venue and transfer your tickets across. If this is not possible, we will offer to transfer your tickets to another performance. We will offer refunds if alternative performances are not suitable. If the show is stopped after the first act we cannot offer refunds but are able to transfer tickets to another performance where available.
5. If a venue has a wet weather alternative, we promise to give you the entire show. In some cases this may mean adapting the performance to fit the space available (but these unique, spontaneous performances are often the most memorable).